• "Wearing Your Magic Carpet Custom-Made Orthotics Feels Like I'm Walking on a Cloud"

    -Joe S.

    Akron, Oh

    Enjoy Reduced Pain Walking Again 

    Delivered to Your Home- No Doctor's Visits

    $ave Hundreds- No Doctor's Markup


  • We Donate 5% of our Profits to
    the American Diabetes Association


    Save Time & Save Money


    For crazy-good athleisure comfort wear

    Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics.

    Order Direct Online - Measure at Home

    Your new orthotics are delivered to your door.

    No doctor visits.

    No doctor's markup - Lowest price- $ave Hundreds

    Eases Aches and Pains


    Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics are individually designed for your feet. The mold captures the exact size and contours of each foot and helps restore the anatomically correct alignment of your natural footprint. Provides maximum support helping with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, nerve or ankle pain, and Achilles tendinitis. 


    Enhanced Foot Comfort

    After ordering your Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics you'll receive a foam impression kit. Just step onto the foam from a sitting position, it's easy and no mess. The box conveniently closes into an easy return mailer, with

    a label and free postage back to the lab. Your new orthotics will give you superior support and joy.

    Orthotics are custom-made we can not accept exchanges or returns and money-back requests
    are not permitted.

  • $500 was too much for Custom Orthotics

    So I Started my own Company

    I had no history of foot problems and I do give my feet a good workout every day, either walking or jogging. I remember stepping off the curb one day and my foot crunched a piece of tree bark. I felt my foot rotate a bit as my step altered as I regained my balance. Everything seemed fine the rest of the day, as I went to bed and dreamed of exotic travel to Thailand.


    The next day I felt a slight discomfort in my arch and heel. Several more days passed and the discomfort remained. I visited a podiatrist and he told me to ice the foot several times a day and gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. 


    Two weeks passed and the condition was still there. On the second appointment, the podiatrist recommended custom orthotics, which I consented to after the initial sticker price shock of $500, and they were not covered by insurance.

    The new custom orthotics certainly did the trick. Immediately I felt more comfort and support in the same shoes I was wearing. And the discomfort went away and has not returned.


    Realizing our feet take quite a bit of punishment every day, and certainly, as we age more problems are sure to rise not to diminish, I viewed the purchase as future injury prevention. Being recently retired I thought this product could be very valuable to others especially diabetes suffers if the price was much lower.


    To make it more affordable I cut out the middleman. My doctor was buying the orthotic for $299. and reselling it to me for $500. I had an acquaintance in New York who owned his own orthotic lab and since we were not competitors me living in Florida, he was a great source to help me start my own lab. 


    Now I can offer you the same price Doctors pay just $299. I'll send you a foam box you just step in to get your foot impression, and soon your feet will be saying aahh.

    We donate 5% of our profits to the American Diabetes Association


    Thanks for visiting the site if you have any questions please visit;

    www.customorthoticslab.com and click on Contact Bruce.




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