• "Wearing Your Magic Carpet Custom-Made Orthotics Feels Like I'm Walking on a Cloud"

    -Joe S.

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    Enjoy Reduced Pain Walking Again

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  • We Donate 5% of our Profits to
    the American Diabetes Association


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    For crazy-good athleisure comfort wear

    Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics.

    Order Direct Online - Measure at Home

    Your new orthotics are delivered to your door.

    No doctor visits.

    Lowest price- $ave Hundreds

    Eases Aches and Pains


    Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics are individually designed for your feet. The mold captures the exact size and contours of each foot and helps restore the anatomically correct alignment of your natural footprint. Provides maximum support helping with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, nerve or ankle pain, and Achilles tendinitis. 


    Enhanced Foot Comfort

    After ordering your Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics you'll receive a foam impression kit. Just step onto the foam from a sitting position, it's easy and no mess. The box conveniently closes into an easy return mailer, with

    a label and free postage back to the lab. Your new orthotics will give you superior support and joy.

    Orthotics are custom-made we can not accept exchanges or returns and money-back requests
    are not permitted.







  • Do you Really Need an $800 Custom Insole?

    Reprinted from the New York Times




    FOR runners, walkers, and many other exercisers, a satisfying workout often involves no small amount of abuse to an intricate piece of sports equipment — each foot and its 100-plus parts. So when your heel hurts or your ankle throbs, investing up to $800 in a pair of prescription orthotics, customized insoles designed to slip into a sneaker or shoe, often seems worthwhile.


    "A custom orthotic puts your foot in an ideal position at every stage of walking, running, and pivoting," said David A. Schofield, the president of the American Podiatric Medical Association, which represents more than 12,000 podiatrists. "You'll be at your most strong and at your maximum efficiency."

    Dr. Schofield said he recommends custom orthotics to 90 percent of his patients. And he is not alone.


    Prescriptions for custom orthotics are becoming almost commonplace. And podiatrists recommend them far more often than medical doctors, according to Sue Lorenzo, the marketing director for Langer, a leading custom orthotics maker. Ms. Lorenzo said that 85 to 90 percent of Langer's orders come from podiatrists.


    Advocates say that the surge in custom orthotics has to do with their effectiveness and with growing demand. Baby boomers who participate in more strenuous sports than their forebears did in middle age don't want to be sidelined by foot pain.


    The market for all athletic insoles, custom and prefabricated, has grown dramatically. The number of inserts sold in stores has doubled in the last six years to about 800 products, according to the National Shoe Retailers Association. Athletes are partly responsible for the boom in custom orthotics. Used to spending to fuel their active lifestyle, they find it hard to believe that off-the-shelf orthotics may measure up to the expensive ones.



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