Are you Experiencing Foot Pain

Custom Orthotics Lab Can Help  

Our feet perform a heavy workload daily. And being squeezed into tight shoes doesn’t help either. Shouldering your weight around day and night, its a relief to them when you head to bed at night, and they finally get to rest. Your feet say “aah!” 

Other conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or being overweight can lead to foot pain. Sometimes you can find temporary relief by raising your feet up, ice, or an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug. But if the pain returns, it might be time to consider custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics help restore the anatomically correct alignment of your natural footprint. By placing the foot in a neutral position, it provides the correct tilt in the heel, helping you achieve superior comfort and enjoy less pain and get back to walking again. Recent trial showed reduced foot pain by 19.1%  See scientic study at;
Custom orthotics are tailored precisely for each foot to provide cushioning and support exactly where you need it, as they redistribute the pressure your feet experience with everyday activities. 

Normally custom-made orthotics are sold through foot doctors and usually cost around $800 a pair. Starting today we are launching our first direct-to-consumer effort where you can now save time and money by ordering direct from the lab. 

Custom orthotics are meaured specifically for you, by taking each foot’s impression in foam, to capture the exact size and the contours of both feet.

No doctor's visits are necessary. Order from the convenience of your home. Lowest price save hundreds off with no doctor's markup. Doctor's charge $800 buy direct from our lab for only $499.00

We donate 5% of our profits to the American Diabetes Association.

Visit our website today at; 


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