Custom Orthotics Save Hundreds and No Doctor Visits

I have no history of foot problems but I do give my feet a good workout every day, either walking or jogging. I remember stepping off the curb one day, and my foot crunched on a piece of tree bark. I felt my foot rotate a bit as my step tripped and I regained my balance. Everything seemed fine the rest of the day, as I went to bed and dreamed of exotic travel to Thailand.

The next day I felt pain in the arch and heel area of the right foot. Several more days passed and the pain did not go away. I visited a podiatrist, and he recommended icing the foot several times a day and gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. 

Two weeks passed and the pain was still there. On the second appointment, the podiatrist recommended custom orthotics, which I consented to after the initial sticker price shock of $800, and they were not covered by insurance.

The new custom orthotics certainly did the trick. Immediately I felt more comfort and support and that hagging pain was gone and has not returned. 

Realizing my feet take quite a bit of punishment every day, and certainly, as I age more problems are sure to arise than diminish, I view the purchase as future injury prevention. Being recently retired, I thought this product could be helpful to others, especially diabetes sufferers, particularly if the price was much lower.

To make it more affordable I cut out the middleman. My doctor was buying the orthotics for $499, and selling them to me for $800. I had an acquaintance in New York who owned his own custom orthotics lab, he was a great source to help me start my own lab.

Now I offer you the same price doctors pay $499. I’ll send you a foam box, you just step into to take your foot impression, and soon your feet will be saying aahh. 

We donate 5% of our profits to the American Diabetes Association.


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