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I’m not sure when I felt the first twinges of discomfort in my right heel. It was kind of insignificant at first, just barely noticeable, so I paid it no mind and continued with life.

Well that little warning bell progressed and the pain increased from annoying to about a 4 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Instead of going to my foot doctor, I did what most Americans do, I went to the local pharmacy and bought a pair of Dr. Scholl’s.

I settled for the cheaper quicker fix and hoped my feet would like the new present I got them. I put them in my running shoes which I wear most of the time, and they did seem to give me more comfort but did little for the pain in my heel. Wearing them for a few weeks the pain level increased to a 5.

I visited my foot doctor who gave me stretching exercises to do twice a day and a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug. I did the exercises for about a week and gave up on them when I didn’t notice any improvement. Pain still holding at a 5.

I revisited my foot doctor, and this time she recommended a custom pair of orthotics for $800. I asked her to repeat the price, because of sticker shock, and she mentioned it was not covered by my insurance plan. Not seeing any other areas of treatment left, I swallowed hard and ordered the orthotics.

When you spend $800 for a medical product to alleviate your pain, you expect it to work immediately. Well was I surprised because it did take away my foot pain after just a few days. Immediately, I noticed a big improvement in comfort. My running shoes felt so much cushier like I was walking on air. It was such a big improvement that I forgot about the pain, the real reason I purchased the orthotics. 

The pain in my right heel is now a 0, so I kicked Dr. Scholl’s to the curb and never leave home without my custom orthotics. Pretty soon I got tired of moving the orthotics to my other shoes, so I looked into buying a second pair. I didn’t want to spend another $800 so my sister-in-law is a licensed massage therapist, recommended where she purchased her own orthotics.

I purchased the orthotics without visiting my doctor again and paying his mark-up, and the lab charged only $500. They sent me a foam box to take my left and right foot’s impressions, it was that easy, along with a self-contained mailing box, and postage-paid back to the lab.

In no time the lab mailed the new orthotics to my home. They fit great just like the first pair, and these were hundreds cheaper and easier to get.


This post was written by Bruce Scher, President of Custom Orthotics Lab. You can contact him at, 



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