Walking is Great Exercise,

Beginning is so Easy

The benefits of starting a walking routine far outweigh the decision to remain  inactive. Medical doctors recommend it for lowering your weight and improving your heart muscle which will help you live longer. And mental health professionals have studies to prove you will feel much more alert and in a better frame of mind. All in all, many excellent benefits for very little effort.

And before implementing a walking program you have the choice of doing it indoors on a treadmill, gazing at the world outside your home, or in front of a television watching the news or catching up on a series you’re following.

Or outdoors, seeing the neighborhood and feeling a breeze on your face. And of course, you can vary the program for a combination of both depending on the weather conditions.

Did I hear someone say “you don’t have the time.” Being the master of your schedule I’m sure you can work in 15 minutes, earlier in the day is better.

You’ll have fewer excuses and more time when you begin the day than later in the day. Plus the positive effects of the walk will last longer if you start earlier.

The easiest way to get started outdoors is to pick a location about a 15 walk from your home. If you’re not sure of the distance just pick a main street and walk for 15 minutes. Your goal is to reach the destination. Try to walk quickly like you’re on your way to an appointment and you don’t want to be late. 

If you’re walking quickly and feel winded, that’s perfectly natural for a beginner, just stop and wait for 2 minutes and begin again. When you reach your 15-minute destination you should be proud of yourself, for setting the goal and accomplishing it. As you walk home adding another 15 minutes, relish the fact that you have walked over 30 minutes in total and over 1 mile too! Congratulations. 

Just add 5 minutes a week to stretch it out, and reach your new goal of 60 minutes for maximum health benefits. And your second goal will be to walk the 60 minutes 5 days a week. I know you can do it! See you on the trail.

I am a certified fitness trainer, so if you have any questions about the walking program please contact me at; http://www.customorthoticslab.com 

We donate 5% of our profits to the American Diabetes Association





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